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A Virtual Memorial Service for Rev. Dr. Allen Vance 1930 - 2021

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In loving memory of Rev. Dr. Allen Louis Vance

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"The worst thing you can call me is normal."

This duo worked as a team for almost twenty-five years, independently researching, sorting information, and developing numerous books that mostly have to do with adoption, and some of their joint passion interests, including but not limited to meditation, Eastern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Spirituality, and even past and future lives.

Reverend Dr. Allen Vance has been a proud supporter of Against Child Trafficking and the group his twin daughters cofounded called Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Information Network. This forum is one of the most diverse and well-known international adoptee groups on social media, which also acknowledges separated families and parents of adoption loss.
Allen L. Vance, a Metaphysician, was the proud editor of his daughter's personal and philosophical books, and political anthologies on the topic of international adoption. In 1984, Reverend Dr. Vance survived a traumatic brain injury from a devastating hang-gliding fall on his seventh high altitude flight, which affected his fine and gross motor control skills and forced him to learn how to walk, eat, groom, and talk again. But, even though he's a one-finger typist, he liked to say, "my mind is intact!"

Before the injury, in 1952, Allen earned a Bachelor's Degree in Physics with Minors in Math and Philosophy from the University of Portland. Soon after, he worked as an aerospace systems engineer for 32 years and served as a church elder, Sunday School teacher, choir director, and Boy Scout leader.

It wasn't until after the accident that he began the effort of reading the Bible cover-to-cover 34 times. After finishing that chapter of his life in 1997, Vance decided to leave the church and pursue the study of Meditation and Eastern Philosophy. That's when he states that he found peace.

In 2003, Allen earned an Msc.D. in Metaphysical Science. He also trained to work as an editor and was elected by his daughter to collaborate with her on producing and proofing what has become the "Adoption Books for Adults" collection.

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Proud first-time author at age 88

Falling Out of Normal:

How I Became Me

Plus, co-editor of numerous books, including, Adoptionland: From Orphans to Activists

The "Unknown" Culture Club:

Korean Adoptees, Then & Now

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In loving memory of Rev. Dr. Allen L. Vance

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