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Adopted? Recommended Community
Janine's Favorite Cause for Human Rights


Here's a suggested community for a realistic look at adoption.

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network connects domestic, late discovery, transracial, international and people separated because of adoption with the latest happenings around the world. We are a community led by adoptees while expanding the view of adoption. This international group is one of the largest adoptee-led groups available on FB. Here you will find a birds-eye perspective of adoption from a diverse group of people and you’ll gain insight into the latest news articles and postings from fellow members.


Adoption Truth provides a supportive environment for individuals and families separated by adoption. We offer a realistic, expanded, and insightful platform–because we are adoptee-centric. Through this community, we validate the experiences of adopted individuals, while giving consideration to the idea that we have a right to reconnect with family members of adoption loss if we so wish.

  • Balance the professional field of adoption.

  • Encourage global discussion.

  • Inform and empower all family members separated by adoption.

  • Validate the vast experiences of adopted people.

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