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writing help for non-writers

Give Yourself a Writing Chance.

Turn your life into a best-seller ...or keep it private for friends, family, or for yourself.

Do you feel the urge to write a story for yourself or someone else, like children, parents, or friends? Do you want to leave a written legacy for future generations?

Don't know where to start? Stuck somewhere in the middle? Want a second opinion on something that's already written? Or need to polish a draft?


Your perspective is one of a kind and the reason Janine offers personalized guided one-on-one writing sessions for individuals who want to finally start (or finish) their memoir.



Dandelions are one of the nature's greatest flyers, yet discounted as if of little value. We, humans, sometimes treat ourselves the same way. ...You don't have to be perfect to write your story. You just need to be human.

Janine Vance


Going Back to Zen: Where to Find Peace so You Can Live Like Mad

Meet Your Writing Guide.

  • Mentored by two of Maya Angelou's best friends and advisors to Oprah Winfrey 

  • Trained in screenwriting by a former Hollywood screenwriter and a Disney script reader

  • Personally taught the secrets to craft strong memoir openings from a New York Times bestselling author

  • Served as a ghostwriter for several non-writers

  • Published more than 50 writers to become Amazon Bestsellers in several subcategories



Finish Your Memoir Today.

You Can Write Your Memoir

Using intuition and storytelling training, Janine shares with you a specific step-by-step formula designed to move the story from your heart (and head) to the page, quick and easy. Completely confidential. You keep the copyright.


Janine guides you through the magical method of writing, formatting, and publishing the memoir of your dreams. When it comes to story-telling every person has unique needs. Janine listens (and reads) from where you are at, caters to your wishes, and offers additional treatment (if need be) to complete the story bursting finally to be told. Need an editor? She has one for you.

Janine's personal projects...

Janine is the screenwriter of

nine feature length screenplays


the creator of The rEvolutionary "Adoptee" Collective


Going Back To Zen: Where  to Find Peace so  You can Live Like Mad

& (available by request:)

Power of Isolation: How to Silence is Golden

Master Your Adoption: Claim Your Authentic Power


Turn your life into a best seller sabbaticals ~ email below or


More than 20 years of writing experience condensed down to a concise methodology.



Janine reveals the secrets she's learned after starting out as an aspiring writer to finally being published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, to booksellers everywhere.


Need more time? Book follow-up sessions with Janine. Take as long as you need. Whatever you are unable to accomplish in the week-long sabbatical, Janine will continue advising you in private follow-up sessions to complete your book

Want suggestions and encouragement

from a place of understanding and empathy?

Need assistance with crafting your draft?


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Janine is compassionate and nonjudgmental.

She taps into her inner knowingness to help you finish your story.




Leave it to Janine.

With over twenty years of bookmaking experience, she can finish it for you.

We CAN Finish That Book!

Bookmaking Services
Bookmaking Services

It's never too late to leave a legacy.


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Des Moines, Washington, USA